Rangers diary 13th – 24th October 2014

It has been quite an eventful 2 weeks here in Kafue National Park with both elephants and lions.

Basically every day we have had at least an elephant feeding on our trees in the lodge grounds and as normal doing a lot of damage – but they are always a welcome visitor.

Not far from camp, on a game drive, we saw an impala dashing across the road, this was followed by a large lioness. She jogged next to our vehicle, obviously trying to use us to cover her. The impala did get away and the lioness, who was now walking, was joined by another two lionesses and two cubs.

Later in the week we could hear something chewing, it was loud and we assumed that it was a lion that had made a kill in camp again. Well it was lion, but it was across the Kafue River from us.

We could see two young male lions coming down the bank to drink and then they lay in the shade of a big tree. They were joined by a big lioness and more lions of all sizes were visible in the grass.

Taking the boat we went and had a closer view. After some time more lions came to the bank and eventually we counted 9 in total.

Lions and hyenas have been through camp but they moved through during the night and very quietly; only their tracks gave their presence away.

The resident leopard has been a bit quiet during these last couple of weeks and we have heard him just once, when he was calling as he walked out of camp.

Kudus have also now ventured into camp. We have often seen them just outside our grounds, but obviously now they have built up the courage to come in.

Our lawn mower, Max the hippo, has been doing a fine job and works hard every night in keeping our grass nicely trimmed.

Rangers Diary 17th – 23rd May

Lots of lion, leopard and cheetah tracks all over the place again this week and early one morning we were fortunate enough to have two lions walking through the lodge grounds.

Then that night when we had just closed-up for the night we saw two lionesses and their 3 cubs wondering into camp. They moved to our parking area, where they lay down.

A leopard has been calling from across the river for a few days now, obviously looking for a mate.

An elephant has moved into the lodge, being here for the last 4 days, just quietly feeding, well not always that quiet, breaking branches. We also came across a breeding herd of elephants on an afternoon game drive.

Rangers Diary 10th – 16th May

Going on a boat cruise, on the Kafue River, in the evenings is really lovely, the bird life is magnificent and we see a lot of animals coming to drink. Crocodiles and hippos can also be seen.

We are seeing lots of cat’s tracks close to lodge so game viewing is going to be excellent soon when the bush thins out.

Elephant are seen regularly and the diversity of game seen whilst on drives has been very good. This has included rarer sightings such as the side-striped jackal and the large-spotted genet.

We were blessed by lions in stereo one morning when a lion started roaring on our side of the river was answered by lions on the other side. It is a lovely sound. Later we found a carcass at the airstrip covered by this time, with vultures. The lions on our side of the river must have had a good feast.