Rangers Diary 12th April – 5th May 2016

We are back after the rainy season. On our arrival the roads were still very wet, the bush was still thick and lush and the grass green and tall.

Elephant in the camp at he car park on 30th April 2016Ever since our return we have had an elephant around the Chalets and in the Lodge grounds.

Our resident hippo, Max, has not moved away and as always he waits until the sun sets before he makes his appearance on the lawn but he also likes to graze around the chalets where the grass is shorter.

It wasn’t long before our pride of lions returned and the big male was accompanied by a young male and a lioness. They lay down, in clear moonlight, for some hours just on the side of the chalet path.

ll lionWe are also hearing the roaring of lions on our side of the river some nights, just behind our furthest chalet,  as well as across the river in the park. Even this very morning lions across the river started roaring for about 3 hours. They are definitely there but in the long grass not very visible.

Leopard’s have also been very vocal, both sides of the river, but they are being very secretive so far. We often see tracks in camp showing that they have passed through.

The Jackals though are daily visitors around the camp at night and on two occasions we have found the tracks of a hyena passing through the camp.


fish eagleThe other mammals in and around the camp are the civets, porcupines, the vervet monkeys, baboons, warthogs and our daily common Bush Bucks, Impala’s and Puku’s.

Bird life is still great as the migrants haven’t headed out and fish eagles are often seen on one of the dry branches just across the river from the deck.

It’s just so wonderful to be back in this amazing piece of paradise, come and visit.

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