Rangers Report August & September 2015

Bome met bloeisels en grasdak 1 Sept 2015 007The last two months has been very windy and now most of the trees have finally lost all their leaves, making game viewing exceptionally good.

Towards the end of September some trees, such as the Pink Jacaranda, started to bloom, giving a pleasant fragrance around camp.

The lodge grounds are full of lion or leopard tracks every morning and their roars and growls can also be heard at night. A lot of the time they just move through unnoticed, but we have been lucky to see some of them, especially when the moon is bright.

At about 1 in the morning one night we could clearly see a lioness and cubs walking up past the chalets towards the dining area, before disappearing out of sight.

Leopard Kill and tracks 003One morning we found drag marks just outside our reception. On closer inspection we could see that a leopard had killed something and had dragged it away. Not too much further we found a dead Puku. We hid away and soon the leopard was back and with amazing effort it pulled the carcass up a tree. Vultures were all over the place and the leopard had quite a job fighting them off.

We also had an amazing sighting of a leopard and a cub walking along the river across from our deck one evening.

048We have had many sightings of both these big cats on game drives as well, and on one occasion we came across a pride of 10 lions feeding off a warthog carcass. This was bettered a week later when we had 11 lions (1 Male lion, 6 Lionesses and 4 cubs) walking past the lodge on the other side of the Kafue River.

Breading herd of elephants across the deck on 3rd Sept 2015Elephants have also not been shy; they are often feeding around camp,
can be seen drinking across the river from us and seen all over. These have been from solitary bulls, to small groups of bulls and even large breeding herds.

It is not only the big game that has been exceptional, as we have seen plenty of general game, the highlights of this are:

  • At this time of the year every mother warthog runs around with a number of piglets in close attention.
  • A rare sighting of 16 Roan Antelope on a few occasions.
  • Plenty of Sable Antelope
  • Max our resident Hippo is often around mowing the lawn in the evenings together with the bushbuck, Impala and Puku’s.
  • Excellent birding and fishing

Reubens Pictures Sept 2015 015One of our guests, and avid bird watcher, managed to spot over 60 different species during her short stay with us. This is definitely a birders paradise.

On top of this she also saw a leopard walking on the river bank.















Elizabeth one of our guests recorded 70 different bird species.  They then saw this Leopard on the river bank.






Other Info:

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