Rangers Diary 1st – 21st June 2015.

Winter is here on the banks of the Kafue River in the Kafue National Park. Really cold some early mornings but after 09h00 until 17h00 we have wonderful warm weather.

Second Elephant on his way back to the busch 7 June 2015The river is dropping earlier and faster this year and the bush is thinning out making game viewing easier and more spectacular. An example of this is seeing the dominant male Leopard, of the area across the river from the lodge, more and more often, not merely just hearing him.

Leopard on the river bank at 17h46 10June 2015Presently there is also a Leopard that occasionally passes through the lodge. He makes sure that we know he is still around. Just the other morning we found his very fresh dung close to one of our buildings.

Leeuwyfies 12h50 in die kamp by die kombuis en solar kamer 3 Jun 006The Leopards aren’t the only predators passing past and through the lodge. Lions are still regulars and around lunch time one day we had 5 Lionesses chase a warthog passed the kitchen door. We were tripping over each other trying to get safely into the building.

Early one morning, lions killed a Puku in the lodge grounds. In torch light some our staff saw 5 pairs of eyes. After enjoying their kill they went walked off into the bush.

Copper and Coin, the two big lion males, that often frequent the lodge are also still around but mainly at night time. One afternoon whilst enjoying tea on the deck we heard the alarm call of an Impala, swinging around, with cake flying everywhere, we saw them chasing an Impala. The 3 animals disappeared behind some bushes and it sounded as if the lions had caught the impala. But we soon saw them moving behind the trees going in the direction of the pontoon.

The Elephant have been around camp often and a breeding herd drink and bathe regularly across the river from us, which is always a lovely site.

004Max our Hippo is still often on the lawn. His body is full of marks from fights; he must be trying to show his dominance in the area, but as he is always alone it doesn’t appear he is winning. Three nights in a row another male has chased him around camp and between the Chalets.


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