Rangers Diary 12th April – 11th May 2015

The amount of lion activity in and around the camp has been incredible and guests have seen them on game drives as well.

We now have a new record at the lodge with 6 lions and a cub in camp at the same time. They were just passing through early one morning.

Elephants Kafue National ParkAlready we are finding that the mornings and evenings are getting cooler and slowly more and more animals, such as impala, bushbuck, warthogs and puku can be seen on at the lodge a definite sign that the bush is drying and winter is on its way.

Elephants are around camp almost every day and we also have had a breeding herd drinking from the Kafue River across from our deck.

lourieBirds during this period: Saddle-billed Storks, Wattled Crane, White-backed vulture, Senegal Coucal, Narina Trogon, Red-crested Korhaan, Martial Eagle, Brown Snake Eagle, Giant Kingfisher, Pennant-winged nightjar, Red-throated Twinspot. Green Pigeon, Namaqua dove, Emerald spotted Wood-dove, Livingstone’s Turaco, Ground Hornbills, Fish Eagles, Marsh owl.

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