Rangers Diary: Easter Weekend 2015

Our 2015 safari season has just kicked off over the Easter weekend and what a weekend it was.

It is always great being back at the lodge after the rainy season break. The location right on the banks of Zambia’s Kafue River is stunning and its solitude is just perfect.

All our regular visitors are still around the lodge, such as the small pride of lions, their cubs have grown so much, and “Max” our resident hippo comes almost every day to help us mow the lawn.

We have already had a number of elephants coming to drink from the river across from the lodge and a couple of nights we have heard them breaking branches around the camp. Their mess we happily clean up the following morning.

Our guests over the weekend were also treated to a stunning cheetah sighting. Two cheetah were just lying out in the open, sunning themselves, which gave wonderful photographic opportunities. They were not worried by us at all, it just seemed from their expressions that they were thinking “so you are back”

It’s sometimes the small things in the bush that are really special – like seeing a porcupine sleeping out in the open during the day. These nocturnal animals generally spend the days sleeping in burrows or thick bush.

This is what our clients had to say about their weekend:

“What a wonderful trip and great team here at Leopard-lodge.
Thank you for a memorable Easter weekend. All the Best Paul, Lynn, Ryan and Torie Cowler”.
 Lusaka, Zambia



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